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24th-Aug-2006 03:22 pm - happy dance of joy
I got my OWL results today.


Because guess what, peoples? Our wonderful, wonderful Head of Gryffindor House is pleased to inform ME that I-


That's right.



I'd do a happy dance of joy right this moment, but no one would see it.

Ha! I think I'll just do it anyway!
4th-Aug-2006 02:20 pm - well... damn
So Barty disappeared. I think his father caught on rather quickly that, um, there were a lot of notes sent and none of them really matched up.

I think his head was about to explode after he was done questioning me. Really, I don't see why I shouldn't have believed what the note to me said? Visit to the Ministry. Check. Visit to the Blacks. Check. It seemed like it added up, but I guess not.

The mood at the villa has been a bit, erm, damp to say the least, so I'm off to experiment with the Muggle transportation system for a bit.
11th-Jul-2006 05:05 pm - Spanish stuff
Okay, so, mum thought we should wait and see if Otto planned to come with us to Spain and we've been... waiting around for him. And it doesn't look like he's coming, great-o, off we go.

Spain on Monday! Rather, Spain on Sunday night, but Monday will be the first full day of being there-ness. Holidays are nice and I think everyone could use one.

Better news! I now OWN a Nimbus 1500! Went out and got it a few days ago, which would explain why I haven't been writing much. Why write when I can fly?. And fly I can, it's so exillir exaill DAMN SPELLING well, there's a word I'm looking for, but I'll settle for this: it's amazing. It handles beautifully. If you're riding a different Nimbus model or, I really hope not, a Cleansweep, then you are missing out.

Now I have my schedule in order, there are so meetings that need arranging.

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24th-Jun-2006 10:06 pm - home hooooome home
Right-o, I'm home. And pretty much the first thing dad said to me was "so how'd your OWLs go?" Which is a great way to start the holiday, let me say. We had a deal, dad and I did, that if I did particularly well on my OWLs, he'd throw in the funds for a new racing broom.

Well, I don't need to do particularly well, because I don't need his funds for the broomstick! Between Gilderoy and me, we came up with more than enough money through stuff what's a good word?

Why aren't I a better writer and stuff?

We came up with more than enough money through friendly persuasion and I can buy my own broomstick soon as I feel like it. Which will be pretty soon - I'm itching to get my hands on the new Nimbus 1500! Just on the market!

I really... really....... really want it. I won't be left with much money after, but exam results will be in soon and people will have to ante up and in the meantime, I can probably borrow off Otto. If he ever comes home, that is.

So... who's wants to meet up when? Quidditch team? Gilderoy? Lady friends of mine? Drop me an owl!

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17th-Jun-2006 09:57 pm - summer plans
School's almost out for summer! If I could dance, this would definitely be a some sort of dancing moment, but I never really figured out the fancy footwork, so there we go.

Remember! If you were part of the "What are my OWL or NEWT results?" gambling betting friendly wager, don't forget to share your marks with the group if you fancy any galleons back in your pockets. Departing students: hate to see you go, but your NEWT marks might make your holiday so much richer, so do tell.

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To the Quidditch team:
Who is going to be where over holiday? I'll be in Spain for the first few weeks. Everyone is welcome to come visit! We should definitely get together for some summer fun practice, either in Spain or, um, at someone's house. It'll be great!

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Definite summer plans:
1. Summer Quidditch
2. graph-chart-thing making for next year's pool. See Gilderoy.
3. Spain for a few weeks
4. Go to Muggle cinemix with Hestia. They have popcorn.
13th-Jun-2006 01:11 pm - letters
Well, I've just had a letter from mum. Lucky me, she didn't ask about OWLS yet, but I guess we'll get to that when I come home.

I don't think I did badly, but, uh, maybe they'll think I could have done better. Actually, yes, they'll probably think I could've done better. I know I botched Transfiguration, but come on. Who knew porcupines ran so fast?

And no, I wasn't trying to turn the porcupine into anything. I was trying to turn the porcupine back into a breakfast tray, but I guess it liked being mobile? Or something?

Oh, well.

Right, letter. So it seems my aunt and uncle are renting an oceanfront villa in southern Spain for the holiday and we'll be joining them for a time. So it's a family get together thing... uh, except for my brother, but I've no idea where he's gone off to. Maybe he'll join us eventually.

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I should see if Barty knows about this villa thing.
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