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Ludo's journal

Quidditch... and random other things

Ludo Bagman
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Name: Ludovic "Ludo" Bagman
15 August 1961
Age: 16
Bloodline: Pureblood
Parents: Mattox Bagman and Evangeline Crouch Bagman
Siblings: Otto Bagman- older brother
Other relations: Barty Crouch Jr. is his cousin through the marriage of Evangeline Crouch, Barty Sr.'s younger sister.

House: Gryffindor, 6th year
Quidditch: Beater!
Wand: Oak, 10 inches, inflexible, dragon heartstring. Good for not breaking.
Political affiliation: He's neutral, as in, he's not particularly bright enough to form staunch political opinions. Of course, You-Know-Who=bad, but he really just wants to graduate and play Quidditch. And gamble, but don't tell.

Physical description: Well, he's been told he's cute, so okay, he'll go with that. Why not? He's tall, lean and muscular and when he plays Quidditch, it shows. He'll probably always retain a bit of that schoolboy charm, with his large, blue eyes and wind tousled, blonde hair. With his rosy complexion and bright smile, one would think he'll look great on international Quidditch posters one day.

Personality: Oh, wow, a dissection, huh? Hope it's not too rough. Well, you know, he's a sweet guy, kinda innocent almost. Or maybe he's just not that bright, but who'd say that to him? He's just so sincere and earnest about things. He likes girls, but not chasing girls, because he's a bit shy around them. Never really knows exactly what to say, but he tries and some say he has a bit of natural charm. And good looks, which goes a long way. He's just a bit too trusting though, likes to believe the best in everybody. After all, doesn't everyone have good intentions? Well, most people, right?

History(briefly): Well, really, it's all about the Quidditch. And girls. They're nice too. Especially one certain girl, but talking to girls can be, uh, difficult. Still, most of Ludo's school career has been Quidditch focused; he's a beater for Gryffindor and word is, he might be good enough to make a career of such things, but best not to talk too much about it. Might jinx the chances. His classwork has always been a-okay, but that's more because he wants to keep playing Quidditch and not so much because he loves the academic challenge of it all. Come on, who really uses Herbology anyway, huh?

His parents are nice and supportive of the Quidditch playing, because maybe, just maybe they realize their son has a talent and... well, he's not the brightest light in the box. But he's a nice boy. Always has been. He'd never get into any trouble, he's too sweet for such things.

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